Kristin Lewis Architects assists you in defining the scope of your project. Spatial requirements, energy and lighting considerations, code and zoning restrictions and future phasing of construction are all considered at this time. You will be asked to prioritize your needs to insure attention is given to your most important concerns while working within your budget.

Schematic Design:

Based on the program, a design is developed for your project. Budget restraints, site planning and future expansions are considered. If your project involves remodeling, restoration or an addition to your present home, measured drawings of the existing structure are developed as an additional service at this time. Design concepts are defined and multiple schemes or variations may be presented. A budget, based on square foot costs or contractor estimates can be done at this time. You may be advised to interview and select a contractor at this time. This phase is billed hourly to accommodate differing requirements. At the end of this phase the scope of work is known. A fixed fee is provided for the Design Development and Construction Documents phase.

Design Development:

The approved design is expanded and decisions are made concerning structural systems, materials, detailing, interior and exterior materials, lighting and heating-cooling systems. The structural engineer is hired at this time.

Construction Documents:

Detailed drawings and specifications are prepared to insure a building permit, complete and accurate cost estimates, and proper construction. A complete set of construction documents includes written specifications and detailed drawings for architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing and any specialized requirements.

Contractor Negotiation: If a contractor was not selected as part of the Schematic Design Phase, we will assist you in the selection of qualified contractors and give advice on obtaining bids or negotiation of a contract. This phase is billed hourly.

Construction Administration:

Acting as your agent, we schedule site visits and construction meetings, approve contractor’s application for payment and attend to any on-site problems that may occur. Contractors’ submittals, such as shop drawings or alternate product selection, are presented to the architect for final approval. This phase is tailored to the scale of your project and is billed hourly. During this phase we can help, if desired, on selection of final finishes and paint colors.

Additional Services:

At your request we will provide measured drawings of existing your existing residence, presentation drawings or models, or interior design services for the selection of furnishing at an additional fee. Any substantive changes made to the design after completion of the Design Development Phase, will also be considered additional services.